Why choose ACBT for your recruitment needs?


Each student applying for the advertised jobs is guaranteed to have successfully completed their theory and practical units, meaning that they are qualified beauty therapists, ready to start work immediately.

In order for a student to successfully gain access to ACBT Recruitment, each graduate would have needed to complete the Career Foundation Skills Program, which ensures the applicants are ready for the workforce.

Each employer will have peace of mind knowing that their job advert posts are 100% hidden, with access granted to ACBT students and ACBT staff only.

For more information, please see our Advantages page.


The Career Foundation Skills Program is an additional theory and practical unit that all ACBT students must complete if they want access to ACBT Recruitment. The theory component can be completed at anytime throughout their course, though the practical is delivered close to course completion so knowledge and skills are still fresh upon employment.

The program covers the following competencies specific to the beauty clinic environment:

  • Professional behavior and maturity in the workplace
  • Showing respect to colleagues and employers
  • Emotional intelligence and mindfulness
  • Conflict management skills
  • Dealing with negative emotions
  • Gossiping and bullying
  • Understanding different perceptions, beliefs and values
  • Self care and respect
  • Resources for personal growth and development

The Career Foundation Skills Program is optional and at no additional cost to the student. Upon successful completion of the program’s assessments, the graduate will gain access to the ACBT Recruitment site.

Employers are guaranteed that ONLY ACBT graduates who have successfully completed the program are able to apply for posted positions.

The Career Foundation Skills Program is proudly developed by PeopleSense exclusively for ACBT.

For more information, please see our advantages page.

Finding great staff is not just about recruiting for skill, but also about attitude and ability to cope with the dynamics of a workplace.

As a registered psychologist, I feel students who have successfully completed the Career Foundation Skills Program are more likely to be a positive attribute to any beauty clinic.