In addition to solid training in the beauty therapy field, the Australian College of Beauty Therapy, in conjunction with registered psychologists from PeopleSense, has developed an innovative Career Foundation Skills Program to assist the students in preparing for the 'real world' of working in a functioning beauty clinic.

There are many benefits for employers to take advantage of the ACBT Recruitment page:

  • Students have more hands-on practical training (three days a week) in a modern, well-equipped student clinic providing an authentic salon experience
  • Each graduate has successfully completed the Career Foundation Skills Program, preparing them with the necessary life skills for the salon/clinic environment

The recruitment service is 100% free of charge to employers, regardless of how frequently the website is used or viewed
Each job vacancy published will not be viewed by anyone other than ACBT graduates who have successfully completed the Career Foundation Skills Program, and ACBT staff

For further information, please contact our Recruitment Officer (

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