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Meet Our Trainer – Emily Rubic

by brittany. Posted on July 9, 2019

Today we will be speaking with Emily Rubic, one of our lecturers here at ACBT!

So Emily, tell me a little about yourself and what you do here at ACBT!

Well, my name is Emily Rubic and I am a lecturer and Salon Coordinator here at ACBT. I teach and assess Body Treatments, Spray Tanning, Aromatherapy Blending while coordinating the ACBT Student Clinic and our beauty students who complete their salon hours.


So when did you become interested in the beauty therapy industry?

When I first left school and starting having beauty treatments done on myself in a salon, I knew I wanted to be in that Industry! I started with a nail course before I was able to go to college, and as soon as I was old enough in enrolled into my Beauty Therapy Level 2 and later went on to do my level 3 afterwards (which is equivalent to a Diploma over here in Australia)


If you had to choose, what’s your favourite treatment to perform?

I love to do facials and body treatments, like massage. They are my favourites to perform as I find them relaxing and everyone enjoys them. I also like that you get good results from both.


And what’s your favourite treatment to receive?

I love to receive facials over anything else. There is something about a facial massage that makes me fall asleep!


What do you like about being a lecturer?

I like seeing the journey that the students go on. I also love that I continue to learn while doing this as a job – My own personal development keeps me relevant in the beauty industry and helps me continue growing my knowledge


Favourite beauty industry product?

I don’t really have a favourite product. I love to try everything and change products a lot to keep trying different things! If I had to choose one product, I would probably say a face mask, although I can’t choose a brand or mask that I prefer!


What is your biggest achievement in the beauty industry?

Biggest achievement to date would probably be traveling Europe and doing Spa training, as well as being able to take my beauty therapy qualifications overseas to Australia to continue working with my passion!


 Why do you think that ACBT is the best place in Perth to study Beauty Therapy?

ACBT has amazing facilities for all of our students. We also offer multiple courses through ACSM, ACMM and AACDS, so our students can choose different pathways to follow in the industry.  We are also CIDESCO certified which is huge and a VERY good opportunity for our students.


If you could go to any destination day spa in the world, where would you go and why?

I would go to somewhere tropical. As long as there is white sand and blue sky, I could be anywhere in the world!

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