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ACBT Newsletter – July 2019

by nicheadmin. Posted on September 3, 2019

The team at ACBT extends a warm welcome to all of our new students commencing this July and congratulate you all on taking the first steps towards a rewarding and exciting career in Beauty. Remember to sign up for your CIDESCO membership to gain 12 months insurance. This insurance enables you to start performing your newly learnt skills with appropriate insurance cover straight away. You will also receive the quarterly CIDESCO industry magazine, membership badge and certificate. 
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Congratulations Graduates!

by nicheadmin. Posted on July 25, 2019
Staff and students all looked fabulous at the ACBT and ACSM mid year Graduation held on 10 July 2019 at the Fraser Suites. Congratulations to all of our graduating students and well done to our fabulous Lecturers for their expertise in training.  Thanks to our guest speaker Simone Llewellyn from OzTan, who gave an inspiring talk on her journey and success in business as a Beauty Therapist. Take a look at the wonderful Graduation celebration in our video. (more…)
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Meet Our Trainer – Hayley Belamy

by mel. Posted on July 9, 2019

Today we will be having a quick chat with Hayley Belamy, who is one of our lecturers here at ACBT!

  Hi Hayley! Let’s start with a little bit about you and what you do here at ACBT!
Hello! My name is Hayley and I am a lecturer here at the Australian College of Beauty Therapy, focusing on Waxing, Facials, Spray Tanning and Eyelash Extensions. I have been a qualified beauty therapist working in the Beauty Industry for 16 years. I have been lucky enough to travel the world and work in some of the worlds top 5 spa's, as well as working with the world's leading skin care products.
So when did you become interested in the beauty industry?
I have always had a passion for fashion and beauty from such a young age, so when I completed work experience at a beauty college in Wales at the age of 14, I knew I wanted to start my beauty journey!
What is your favourite treatment to receive?
I love indulging in spa treatments of any kind especially Aromatherapy Massage.
How about your favourite treatment to perform?
My ultimate treatments to perform are Facials. Facials and skincare is definitely my area of expertise and​ I enjoy educating my students and helping my clients to reach their ultimate skin care goals.
Speaking of educating students, what is your favourite thing about being a lecturer? 
I love being apart of the fulfilling journey - supporting and encouraging my students to develop their passion and skill. ​Everyday is different and seeing the students learning new skills and watching them grow is really rewarding. I love to see where their careers take them!
So we know your favourite treatments, but how about your favourite product?
Entered into the Hall of Fame in the 2009 Australian Beauty Awards!
Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is the secret of instant radiance. Beauty Flash Balm is ideal for a quick "pick-me-up" before an evening out or whenever you want to erase signs of fatigue. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is ideal for all skin types any time of day. Beauty Benefits, Promotes immediate and long-lasting radiance. Firms and helps minimise fine lines and wrinkles: skin becomes smooth and soft.
There is now a growing interest in natural organic beauty, and my favourite product is - Kosmea Certified Organic Rosehip Oil. This oil is certified organic and the blend is designed specifically for oily combination skin. It helps to regulate the skins oil production, improve skin tone, wrinkles and protect against the environment.
  Speaking of pick me ups and self indulgence, where in the world would be your ideal destination to relax and get some treatments?
I would visit Jumeirah Vittaveli, Maldives not only to check out their most incredible spa but to also catch up with my old spa manager whom, made me the therapist I am today.
What would you consider your biggest achievement in the beauty industry to date?
I have had lots of high's in my beauty journey from winning top sales of the month 4 in a row to attending the hair and Beauty awards in London but my biggest achievement in my Beauty Career is completing my teaching qualification. I have always wanted to pass on my knowledge and skill through Education and I am now living my dream!  
And lastly, why is ACBT the best place to learn?
ACBT is situated in the heart of Perth City, not only does it offer great coffee shops and cafe's located around the campus it is also central for all to get too. ACBT staff strive to offer students the highest learning experience with our in house Student Clinic, fantastic facilities and amazing products that will get you Industry recognised!
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Meet Our Trainer – Kirsty Kirkham

by brittany. Posted on July 9, 2019

Today we will be speaking with Kirsty Kirkham, one of our lecturers here at ACBT!

  Please write a little about yourself and what you do at ACBT.
I work at the college between lecturing and student clinic. I love this variation and the skill set to teach across the Beauty curriculum, educating our therapists of the future while sharing my knowledge and passion of this industry, whilst teaching quality practice and high standards
  When did you become interested in the beauty therapy industry?
I became interested in the beauty industry from a really young age at school. I couldn't choose between Beauty Therapy or Teaching, so I thought why not do both?
  What’s your favourite treatment to perform and what’s your favourite treatment to receive?
I love to perform all aspects of facials and body treatments. The difference and impact you can make to someone’s skin with the correct delivery of education, regular treatments and a manageable home care routine can be so rewarding. In addition, there’s nothing better than a client arriving and seeing the difference when they leave after having a well performed body treatment. With being 8 months pregnant at the moment, I love spoiling myself by having various pregnancy treatments around Perth and using lots of Clarins products during this stage as well.
   What do you like about being a lecturer?
I love watching students grow and develop into true professionals with all the new skills that they learn. Seeing their confidence grow throughout the terms and the year when working on clients and gaining first hand feedback.
  Favourite beauty industry product?
Ella Bache Great Face Tan gives a gorgeous, subtle, healthy glow all year round!
  What is your biggest achievement in the beauty industry?
Setting career progression goals which saw me first teaching in the UK at 25 years old with a Degree in teaching and also recently travelling extensively throughout Australia as guest speaker for Ella Bache.
  Why do you think that ACBT is the best place in Perth to study Beauty Therapy?
All of the lecturers and support staff care about each student and the journey that they have with us. The team has an extensive range of experience and knowledge which we love to share to ensure our therapists of the future are set up and ready to achieve each and everything that they wish for.
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Meet Our Trainer – Emily Rubic

by brittany. Posted on July 9, 2019

Today we will be speaking with Emily Rubic, one of our lecturers here at ACBT!

So Emily, tell me a little about yourself and what you do here at ACBT!
Well, my name is Emily Rubic and I am a lecturer and Salon Coordinator here at ACBT. I teach and assess Body Treatments, Spray Tanning, Aromatherapy Blending while coordinating the ACBT Student Clinic and our beauty students who complete their salon hours.  
So when did you become interested in the beauty therapy industry?
When I first left school and starting having beauty treatments done on myself in a salon, I knew I wanted to be in that Industry! I started with a nail course before I was able to go to college, and as soon as I was old enough in enrolled into my Beauty Therapy Level 2 and later went on to do my level 3 afterwards (which is equivalent to a Diploma over here in Australia)
  If you had to choose, what’s your favourite treatment to perform?
I love to do facials and body treatments, like massage. They are my favourites to perform as I find them relaxing and everyone enjoys them. I also like that you get good results from both.
  And what’s your favourite treatment to receive?
I love to receive facials over anything else. There is something about a facial massage that makes me fall asleep!
  What do you like about being a lecturer?
I like seeing the journey that the students go on. I also love that I continue to learn while doing this as a job – My own personal development keeps me relevant in the beauty industry and helps me continue growing my knowledge
  Favourite beauty industry product?
I don't really have a favourite product. I love to try everything and change products a lot to keep trying different things! If I had to choose one product, I would probably say a face mask, although I can't choose a brand or mask that I prefer!
  What is your biggest achievement in the beauty industry?
Biggest achievement to date would probably be traveling Europe and doing Spa training, as well as being able to take my beauty therapy qualifications overseas to Australia to continue working with my passion!
   Why do you think that ACBT is the best place in Perth to study Beauty Therapy?
ACBT has amazing facilities for all of our students. We also offer multiple courses through ACSM, ACMM and AACDS, so our students can choose different pathways to follow in the industry.  We are also CIDESCO certified which is huge and a VERY good opportunity for our students.
  If you could go to any destination day spa in the world, where would you go and why?
I would go to somewhere tropical. As long as there is white sand and blue sky, I could be anywhere in the world!
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